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‘ESSENSE ACROSS CULTURES’, Making Sense 4th Annual Colloquium


AICA member, art critic, painter, and researcher, Lorna Collins, is organising the Making Sense Fourth Annual colloquium in Paris on December 17, which will interest many AICA members.


December 17, 2012
Cité Universitaire, Paris

Making Sense is a loose and expanding collective of artists and thinkers engaged in ‘making sense’, which, as we conceive it, denotes an act of reflection that is at once conceptual, sensual, accessible, and transdisciplinary.

While diverse in our fields of practice, we have a common striving to cross between modes of theory and praxis and to find a common language in the contemporary context. This year’s colloquium will attempt to explore how we might create and appreciate art across cultures and how to think about what is universal as well as what is particular in art. We will experiment with discovering a sense that translates across different ways of thinking, even among the different “cultures” of different artistic media and divergent disciplines that rarely communicate with each other in our day.

We hope to develop and disseminate a language and semiotics that is diverse, creative, transformative, and inclusive. The format of the event will be choreographed around presentations and responses to the plenary speakers, shorter bursts of ideas, interactive workshops that require audience participation, as well as artistic installation and

The featured speaker will be David Black, an American painter who highlighted the significance of Tunisian Collaborative Painting at a pivotal time in the Tunisian Revolution. David Black will be holding two Tunisian Collaborative Painting workshops the day
before the colloquium, on Sunday December 16th, at the American Foundation, Cité Universitaire.

All participants need to register in advance. For more information and to register, go to: