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The Andrew Project book launch


The Andrew Project book launch at the Zabludowicz Collection, London
A project by artist Shaan Syed
Tuesday 9 July, 7-9pm

The Zabludowicz Collection is pleased to host The Andrew Project book launch, by artist
Shaan Syed with an in-conversation between Stuart Cumberland (painter) and Darian
Leader (psychoanalyst) exploring ideas and experiences of ‘absence’. The Andrew
Project involved the artist pasting over 1000 hand drawn posters of a man, accompanied
by the name ‘Andrew’, in Toronto, Berlin and London between 2010 and 2013. The
publication documents the evolving surfaces of these posters, especially those where the
image has been obscured through graffiti or worn away. The publication also includes
contributions from Ruth Claxton (artist), Jeffery Koffman (foreign correspondent for
ABC) and Scott Leonard (branding consultant) amongst others.

Our current exhibition Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection Part II will be open for viewing during the event.

The event is FREE but booking is recommended. Book here

1000 and Something Portraits in Toronto, Berlin and London, 2010-2013
A project by Shaan Syed

Co-published by FormContent and S1 Artspace

With contributions from:
William Anskis, artist
Ruth Claxton, artist
Stuart Cumberland, artist
Chris Fite-Wassilak, writer
Jeffrey Koffman, Foreign Correspondent for ABC
Scott Leonard, Branding Consultant and founder of “Champion”
Nicholas Muellner, artist
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, artist
Jeanine Woollard, artist

“Beginning in the fall of 2010, I anonymously glued 1000 posters of a hand-drawn
sketch of a man all over Toronto. No information on the poster appeared except for
“Andrew” scrawled at the bottom. A year later, I followed this with a similar action in
Berlin, and then in London this past autumn. Since 2010 I’ve been photographing and
mapping the posters in the three cities as they age. For some reason they tend to invite a
lot of public interaction. My collection of photographs, including those sent to me by
friends in the three cities and those found on the internet, is extensive. The Andrew
Project book focusses on those images that are obscured somehow through graffiti, or
those that have been torn down, leaving only remnants of the original. The full image of
‘Andrew’ emerges after looking through the book in its’ entirety, existing only in the mind of
the reader.”

Shaan Syed is a London-based artist. His studio practice focuses on painting and questions distinctions made between established notions of abstraction and representation. Syed uses methods of control and spontaneity in the painting process to speak about loss and gain and the idea of absence versus presence on the painted surface. He shows with Galerie Michael Janssen in Berlin.