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AICA International Presidential Elections


Voting for the International President of AICA is now taking place.

UK members are encouraged to take part in elections; the candidates’ are Marek Bartelik and Jin Sup Yoon. To view their applications, go to the AICA International website.

To vote, UK members must send their voting papers to the AICA UK Treasurer by 24 September.

To vote, please download it from the AICA-UK website here (members must be logged in). Then please choose one of the three options, place it in an anonymous blank envelope,  and send it inside an envelope with your name and section (UK) clearly marked on to Charles Pickstone (in a third envelope) by September 24th (the address can be found in the ‘Contact’ section here); the Treasurer then sends the contents off to Paris for the October 1st deadline. Having checked the names they then discard all except the inmost envelope to ensure anonymity.