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‘Fragments of Empires’


‘Fragments of Empires’ is a group show curated by Davit Elliott and Rachel Rits-Volloch at MOMENTUM, Berlin. The exhibition features the work of AICA UK member Lutz Becker, alongside Kader Attia, Theo Eshetu, Amir Fattal, Gülsün Karamustafa, Fiona Pardington, and Sophia Pompéry, running from 7 November – 1 February 2015.

“Fragments of Empires is an exhibition of contemporary art that addresses issues of memory, identity and the impact of migration through three different time-based media: sound, film and photography. Throughout the exhibition ‘fragments of empires’ are revealed through the notion of ‘object memories’ as artists examine how objects, and associations related to them, have been transferred and re-imprinted through historical processes of colonisation and migration, moving in this way from one culture to another. Although originally circumscribed by imperial ambition, the work made by the artists in the exhibition shows different ways in which these fragments have been woven into new lives or realities to establish other meanings and identities in the present.”




10997, BERLIN

For more information visit the MOMENTUM site here.