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Rachel Withers on Roman Signer


Koenig Books have published a book on Roman Signer, in conjunction with his exhibition at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, edited by Kondar Bitterli and Andres Fiedler, and includes an essay by AICA UK member Rachel Withers.

“This is not just because some of the films pivot on super-fast changes and surprise events – precise moments at which (for example) ignition, descent, collision, combustion, explosion, implosion, disappearance or collapse takes place. It is because the films require a deep adjustment of one’s attention across their entire duration: not just an enhanced vigilance, but a special kind of attunement or psychical activation. Watching carefully, one opens oneself up to the moment of the poetic.”

An further excerpt of Withers’ essay can be read on her website here.