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‘Diversity’ Malaysian Art curated by Tony Godfrey


‘Diversity’, an exhibition of Malaysian artist curated by Tony Godfrey, is on at La Galleria, Pall Mall, until the 5 December.

“Geographically and culturally, Malaysia is at the crossroads of the world. It is the pivot around which trade from East to West, North to South moves. It is where Islamic, Indian, Chinese, British meet and combine with Malay and other indigenous cultures. It is where hi-tech skyscrapers and traditional ways of life co-exist. This is a rich environment for artists to develop and work in.

This exhibition shows work from ten well established artists living in Malaysia: ranging from the traditional to the experimental. The medium from paintings of the figure and landscape to woodcuts, ceramics and photography. The subjects of the artists range from ecological concerns, animals, the fecundity of the jungle and life in today’s metropolis, travelling and the legacy of colonialism.”

For more information, visit the ‘Diversity’ website here.