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‘In Peril On The Sea’ curated by Clive Phillpot


AICA UK member Clive Phillpot has curated “In Peril on the Sea: Sailing Ships, Stormy Seas” at the Chelsea Space gallery, opening on the 27 January 2015.

“Taking an excerpt from the text written for the booklet, A Voyage on the North Sea (1974) by the Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers, “It is up to the attentive reader to find out what devilish motive inspired this book’s publication” as a provocation, the exhibition sets out to question and explore ‘motive’ and ‘decoy’ within artistic and curatorial practice.

Looking at artists who, like Broodthaers, approach art production from a post-medium perspective, the exhibition will display works from Lawrence Weiner and Ed Ruscha that contemplate the mysterious and somewhat perilous nature of making and showing art – by being, manifestly, ‘at sea’. Reproductions of nautical works by Willem van de Velde the Younger, Peter Monamy and J.M.W. Turner, unobtainable in their original formats, will be presented via forms of secondary documentation, endlessly accessible and reproducible via printed or digital means.

Book works by Helen Douglas and Elisabeth Tonnard as well as other works from the Special Collections at Chelsea will be on display alongside ephemera and other items.”

28 January 2015 – 20 March 2015


Opening Time
Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 5pm

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU