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Paul O’Kane on ‘Five Issues of Studio International’


On his regular blog of criticism 750wordsaweek, Paul O’Kane has recently published his response to the exhibition ‘Five Issues of Studio International’ currently on at Raven Row.

O’Kane writes, “To consider the past is not, of course, necessarily nostalgic, and many contemporary artists and students would certainly benefit from more shows like this that encourage us to attend, on a manageable scale, to details of art history, opening-up and zooming-in on the vast art-historical record for the purposes of scrutiny and revision. Nevertheless, the art of 40 years ago, for Townsend, Weiner and co. would have been made in the 1930s, and with this comparison in mind we might question any tendency possibly revealed here, to search for current values and points of orientation in the recent past while perhaps avoiding the more difficult task of seeking them in the present.”

To read his full article follow the link here. O’Kane updates his blog weekly, writing on current exhibitions and exploring approaches to criticism.