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A Light Shines in the Darkness: Norwich Cathedral Symposium 23 June



A Light Shines in the Darkness – A symposium on presenting artists’ film and video works in churches, cathedrals and heritage buildings
12-4.30pm, Tuesday 23 June 2015
Weston Room, Norwich Cathedral

How do artists approach integrating sacred sites into the subject matter of their work or as sites for showing their works? How do church communities and curators of heritage buildings encourage artists to make film works for their particular context?

12-2pm Viewings of films from ‘A Light Shines in the Darkness‘ touring exhibition in the Weston Room and an opportunity to see Suki Chan’s Still Point in St Catherine’s Chapel in the Cathedral. Lunch available from the Cathedral Hostry.

2pm presentation of works from the touring exhibition ‘A Light Shines in the Darkness’ including the seven venues and their contexts.

2.15-3pm Q&A with the artist Suki Chan and Paul Bayley (co-curator of the exhibition ‘A Light Shines in the Darkness’ alongside FVU)

3.30pm Panel discussion on the practicalities and potential of showing film and video works in churches and heritage buildings chaired by Paul Bayley.
Speakers include:

Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton (Secretary General, AICA International, President of the International Association of Art Critics UK; formerly National Director of Visual Arts at Arts Council England)

Richard Davey (art critic and Chaplain to Nottingham Trent University)

Peter Doll, (Canon Librarian at Norwich Cathedral)

Julia Porter-Pryce (Vicar of St Peter’s De Beauvoir Town and arts coordinator for the London Diocese’s Capital Vision 2020).

Attendance is free but please register by emailing before 19 June or call 020 7033 9481.

Organised by Art+Christianity Enquiry and Film and Video Umbrella (FVU is supported by Arts Council England).