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Alfredo Cramerotti Curates in ‘Tomorrow Today’, Vienna


Curated by_ALFREDO CRAMEROTTI: On Being in the Middle

Opening 10 September 2015
Hubert Winter Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, MOSTYN, curates ‘On Being in the MIddle’, an exhibition for Tomorrow Today, the 2015 Vienna city festival of contemporary art, hosted by Hubert Winter Galerie and produced by the Vienna City Agency.

“Holding a distorted mirror to capitalism as a structure that safely governs our relations in life, and to art as a set of activities that questions these relations (and itself) at every step, the exhibition presents works that adopt an oblique view to both – the financial mechanisms within which we live, and an expanded idea of what these mechanisms, speculative reflections, and counter-measures may be.

Notions such as the economy of time, the capital of image, the value of representation, the politics of money, the management of attention and the capitalization of anxiety are either bared out or disguised in front of the viewer, yet without being prescriptive about their narrative and interpretation. Each artist invites the public to take a short journey on a path that traverses daily preoccupations and poetic reflections. We may never know where we exactly are on this journey, which is actually the point when we come to think about our involvement in capitalism and art.”

Participating artists:

Danilo Correale
David Garner
Goldin + Senneby
James Lewis
Toril Johannessen