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AICA Honorary Award to Sarah Wilson


AICA International 48th Congress, London, October 26-29 2015

AICA Honorary Award to Sarah Wilson

At AICA International’s Congress in London, on the initiative of the Secretariat and supported by the Awards Commission, the association will present art historian, critic and curator, Sarah Wilson with the AICA Honorary Award for Distinguished Contribution to Art Criticism. Professor Wilson is awarded for her contribution to scholarship and criticism, as well as for her advancement of transcultural intellectual exchange, a founding ideal of AICA.

President of the Association, Dr Marek Bartelik, notes: ‘Professor Sarah Wilson’s contribution to an international, interdisciplinary perspective is exceptional.  She has written about many international artists, published in many languages, often after making research visits to remote places around the world.’

Adriana Almada, Chair of the Awards Commission, stresses the importance of Sarah Wilson’s work in unveiling artistic practices from under represented areas of the world.

Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton, Secretary General AICA and President of AICA UK says: ‘I am pleased that Sarah Wilson, a long serving member of the British section of AICA, has been recognised by this AICA Award for her outstanding work and for her support and promotion of artists and criticism internationally’.

Saleem Arif Quadri MBE will present the Award during the General Assembly of AICA International at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, at 6pm Thursday 29 October.