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Call for Writers: The Cusp


The Cusp is an online magazine launching later this year, currently looking for writers:

“Would you like to write for a new arts magazine exploring the intersection between classical music and other art forms? I’m Hannah, a classical music journalist and critic for The Financial Times and Gramophone magazine and I’m co-founding an online magazine with Daniel, an editor for Oxford University Press. Our new magazine, The Cusp, will be covering the likes of sound installations in caves and forests, music for instruments made out of ice, digital opera and music written by fish.

Both reviewers and feature writers are warmly welcomed, along with photographers. Although we can’t offer payment until the magazine gets off the ground, you will receive free tickets to the events you cover, along with invites to events with plenty of networking opportunities, not least our launch party early in 2016. To find out more, send us an email with a sample of your writing or photography.

For more information please see our successful fundraising page: