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Watts Annual Lecture with Giles Waterfield


The Watts Gallery in Surrey will host its Annual Lecture on 24th February, with Giles Waterfield speaking on ‘The Artist and the Studio’

“The artist’s studio is, and always has been, both a functional space and an emotionally-charged one, both a work area and an extension of the artist’s persona. The character of the studio has been altered through the centuries, but certain archetypes recur. Always crossing the border between private and public domain, the studio has remained a place for artists to reveal or to conceal themselves. For the viewer it can offer an unparalleled opportunity to glimpse the creative processes behind the work of art, potentially exposing the moment of alchemy and the expression of creative genius.” Giles Waterfield

Giles Waterfield is an independant curator and writer, of art history and novels. He was formerly Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery and a Trustee of the Heritage Lotterly Fund. His book on nineteenth century art museums in Britain is the fruit of many years of research. Currently he is Senior Research Fellow at the Watts Gallery, working on the artists’ studio museums project.

For more information and tickets, please visit the Watts Gallery website.