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AICA-UK Annual General meeting 2016

AICA-UK Annual General meeting 2016
Studio, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
Tuesday 22 November 2016 6.30-8.00pm
Members are warmly invited to the AICA AGM at the ICA Studio on Tuesday 22 November at 6.30pm.
Members attending the AGM are invited to the New Contemporaries VIP Preview in the Nash and Brandon Rooms at 6pm for a short viewing before the AGM, and may rejoin the opening after the AGM which we hope to finish at 8pm.
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of the 2015 AGM (posted on website)
3. Matters arising
4. President’s Report
5. Hon. Treasurer’s Report, Approval of Annual Accounts and Election of Auditor
6. Secretary’s Report
7. Membership Secretary’s Report
8. Membership Applications (to be tabled)
9. Executive Elections (attached)
10. AICA-UK Programme and AICA International Congress 2017
11. AOB Date of next meeting



AICA AGM 2016: Elections to Executive Committee

Alfredo Cramerotti
Proposed by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton, seconded by Rachel Withers.
I have been Member of AICA since 2009 and I have much enjoyed the critical insight, expertise sharing, and networking opportunities that it has offered me. I have stepped up my commitment this year and helped organising the John Berger Festschrift on November, 12th, 2016 (attached a provisional outline), in collaboration with Birkbeck College, and that provided the spark to realise I want to contribute more to the Association, its vision and its valued members. I would like to join the Executive Committee so I can bring my 20-plus years of experience as writer, broadcaster and curator in modern and contemporary art, film, video, photography and new media. I have worked internationally and managed large-scale projects, spearheading innovation and strategic alliances and bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to art organisations and programmes. I would strongly relish the opportunity to contribute to the growth of AICAUK and its impact nationally and internationally, working alongside the Executive Committee and Members alike in guaranteeing its success on many levels.
Originally from Trento in northern Italy, Alfredo Cramerotti is an acclaimed curator, writer, broadcaster and organizer of contemporary art, film & video, performance, photography, conferences and online media formats. He has worked internationally, managed extensive exhibitions and cultural projects, spearheading innovation and strategic alliances and bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to contemporary art organizations and programmes.
In 2011 he was appointed Director of MOSTYN Visual Arts Centre (Arts Council of Wales Investment Review 2015 summary: “The quality of the new creative programme launched and delivered by the current Director and his team, is superb and demonstrates excellence“). He complements his work in Wales with active participation in the visual art world. In recent years this has included curating EXPO VIDEO in Chicago, three national pavilions at the Venice Biennale (2015 and 2013), and biennials such as Sequences VII in Iceland (2015) and Manifesta 8 in Spain (2010). He is in demand as Visiting Lecturer at major universities and art colleges throughout Europe and the Americas as well as regularly publishing, broadcasting and public speaking. He is Editor of the Critical Photography book series by Intellect, and his own publications include the books Aesthetic Journalism: How to inform without informing (2009), Unmapping the City: Perspectives of Flatness (2010) and the forthcoming Forewords (working title, 2017).
Anna McNay
Proposed by Chris Fite-Wassilak, seconded by Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton.
I have been a member of AICA since 2014 and have enjoyed the opportunities to meet fellow art critics, to attend lectures and tours (especially at the UK Congress) and to network.
I would be happy to take on the role of Web Editor and to join the Executive Committee and believe I could help promote the organisation to a wider (and younger)  audience, via social media (I run social media accounts for myself, Studio International, State Media, AB Project Space and GFEST, and thus am literate in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and through making better use of the WordPress website, by inviting more contributions and comment pieces from members; ensuring members who are registered know how to access the site; and by promoting members’ news and events across all media, including through a regular mailchimp mail-out. I would like to continue and build upon the great work done by Chris Fite-Wassilak and see more members join the online AICA community. I would also like to make AICA known to non-members by more active tweeting and interaction with galleries and organisations of interest to the association.
Anna McNay is a freelance art writer and editor. She is Deputy Editor at State Media and former Arts Editor at DIVA magazine. She contributes regularly to Studio International, Photomonitor, Elephant and The Mail on Sunday and has been widely published in a variety of other print and online art and photography journals and newspapers. She has written numerous catalogue essays, including for Eileen Cooper at the Royal Academy of Arts and for Alexandra Haynes at Art First. She regularly hosts panels and in conversation events at galleries and art schools (she co-runs the artists’ talks programme at the Heatherley School of Fine Art) and has judged numerous art prizes, both nationally and internationally.
McNay originally worked in academia as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow in linguistics at the Humboldt University in Berlin and as a Heath Harrison Teaching Fellow at the University of Oxford. She holds an MPhil in General Linguistics (distinction, University of Oxford) and an MA in the History of Art (merit, University of London), with specialisations in the Contemporary Sublime; Art Nouveau, Rodin and Hysteria; imagery of the Madonna and Child in Renaissance Art; a research project on LGBT art; and a dissertation on Presence and Absence in the Representation of the Female Body in the Work of Marina Abramovi? and Ana Mendieta. Her areas of special interest remain representations of the body, gender and sexuality. She has published nine academic articles across the fields of linguistics and art and has edited numerous volumes and other publications.