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Michael Corris: The Fourth Book


The Fourth Book

This is literally the fourth bookwork produced by Michael Corris, who describes the contents as images from the waning of white, male supremacy. The book contains digitally processed cartoons on the exercise of power, poetry by Auden, Brecht, and Whitman as typographic samples, designs for flags, and monochromes pregnant with meaning. The book is also a handbook for patronage for the new, online Medicis. Any image in the book may be commissioned as a unique work of art, in a variety of dimensions and mediums, from inkjet on aluminum, to monoprints surprinted using serigraphy.
Corris’s current exhibition at Liliana Bloch Gallery (Dallas) and forthcoming exhibition at Basketshop (Cincinnati) display works inspired by the contents of The Fourth Book. Available through at the author’s page.
Hear Corris discuss some of the work in the exhibition here.