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Petition for Otter Gallery


Please read and sign this petition

Six weeks ago, the planned closure of the Otter Gallery was announced without prior warning to gallery staff and to the Friends of the Otter Gallery.
This week’s update of the Otter Gallery’s website gives news about the current exhibition, but does not inform about the immanent closure of the gallery, nor is this mentioned anywhere else on the University’s website.
It is still unclear why the university finds it necessary to close its art gallery and disperse a collection of national importance, why no attempts were made to find an alternative solution and why the university does not want to publicise its plans.
The petition against the closure of the Otter Gallery is currently supported by 2275 signatures including the names of six Royal Academy artists and a Fellow of the Royal Society.In view of the lack of official information from the university about its plans to close the Otter Gallery, please continue to spread the news to others in your community or in your field of work.

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