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Alfredo Cramerotti: ‘Within Digital Culture: The Hyperimage Perspective on Art and Criticism’


Alfredo Cramerotti will deliver a talk on Saturday 17 November, at 4pm, at Sage Hall, Museum of National Taipei University of Education, for the 51. AICA International Congress in Taipei, 14-21 November, 2018.

The paper is titled ‘Within Digital Culture: The Hyperimage Perspective on Art and Criticism’.


In this paper I debate for institutions of culture – including art criticism – to become more ‘expanded’ in their strategy to affect society.  I argue for the “age of virtuality” and the Internet not merely as distribution channel or market place manifestations.  Rather, I see these as the rationale for, and configuration of cultural work.

There is a need to coordinate, if not align, visual art values with an expanded public sphere that embraces image making as the default choice for relation-building, professional-orienting and personal development.  Those deputized to the production, presentation and critical evaluation of visual culture need to figure out how to reconsider artistic and analytical models. 

Our concern should be how to make art criticism relevant for a generation for which image-value now resides not in content type and quality of the presentation but rather in velocity (of generating), intensity (of impact), and speed (of circulation), creating a condition of contemporary living where reality is produced, and not only reflected, by images and interaction with screens. 

We need to position art criticism within this new context where the contemporary attitude towards the image – a performance, or rather, set of behaviors that I call ‘the hyperimage’ – shows that visual practice precedes theory; demonstrates that we increasingly learn by doing.  This, I argue, can be equally disorientating and liberating.