AICA-UK Instagram Guidelines

Our Instagram account (@aica_uk) offers a platform for members to post news and opinions relating to AICA-UK’s mission of promoting and supporting criticism and art writing today.

The posts show the diverse interests, experience and perspectives of our members, and help engage a wider public in current issues relating to interpreting visual art. We very much hope that members will enjoy sharing their thoughts and experiences on this platform.

Posts are signed which we hope will make it clear to readers that the views expressed are those of the members, not of the organisation, but nonetheless please be conscious that this is an organisational platform. All posts are subject to review, amendment, or deletion by the editors.

Types of post

1. Stories

Stories allow members to share information about their publications, exhibitions, and events. We ask for such information to be submitted to with ‘Stories’ in the email subject line. The editors will post the stories on behalf of members.

2. Instagram Live

Instagram offers an opportunity to livestream conversations between AICA members and fellow critics, writers, artists and curators. If you would like to use AICA’s platform for this, please pitch your idea to the editors with ‘Instagram Live’ in the subject line.

3. Posts

We warmly invite members to take over and write posts for the AICA account for two weeks at a time, publishing posts for a general public that reflect their thoughts about current exhibitions, artists, events, texts and research. We would like the posts to be framed within these searchable categories:

Exhibition in Focus

Artist Spotlight

New Research


How to write a post

The text should be no longer than c.100 words (excluding hashtags, tags and image captions) and can be much shorter. Please sign your posts and use hashtags to highlight the main topics, and tag authors, artists, and venues mentioned in the posts (the editors can advise, if necessary).

A good image is key to an Instagram post. Be sure to supply all the necessary details in the caption, following this pattern:

Artist name, Title in italics Date (no comma between title and date), Medium, Courtesy of name of copyright holder, Photo name of photographer (no full stop)


Franko B, I Miss You 2003, Performance, Courtesy of the artists, Photo Hugo Glendinning @franko_b_artist @hugoglendinning


Under Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, you can only post content to Instagram that does not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. The best way to make sure that what you post to Instagram does not violate copyright law is to post only content that you have created yourself. Otherwise, it is generally a good idea to get written permission from the author or maker of a work before posting content. You may use someone else’s content if it is in the public domain or if the use is covered by ‘fair use’. For full information please go to:


To create a predictable schedule as well as create inspiring and current content for our followers, we are planning a whole series of ‘takeovers’ by our members. Please get in contact if you would be interested in creating some Instagram posts – just two per week for two weeks, or four in all – or if you would like to contribute ideas for ‘Stories’ or ‘Instagram Live’.

We aim to create an account that is inclusive and diverse and will highlight the work of artists, writers and researchers of different backgrounds, experiences, and identities. We very much look forward to your contributions.

Sacha Craddock, Jillian Knipe, Jennifer Mundy and Sylwia Serafinowicz

Instagram editorial team

April 2022