AICA-UK welcomes applications from art critics and writers at all stages of their careers.

To be eligible to join, you will need to demonstrate that you have made a significant contribution to one or more of the following areas over the last three years:

  • Press, magazines, radio, television, video or digital media.
  • Publication of works of art history, aesthetics or criticism.
  • Teaching of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, curating or art, at tertiary or higher level.
  • Curatorial work for educational or scholarly ends, including the organisation of art exhibitions and the production of scholarly or critical texts for museums or galleries.

To apply, please download and complete the AICA Biographical Form, emailing it to the Membership Secretary at

AICA-UK members at a Bar AICA event 2020

You will need to attach at least three examples of your work produced during the last three years. Scans, PDFs, CDs, tapes and videos are acceptable. Should any of your examples include a book that is too cumbersome or valuable to send by post, please give publication details and a synopsis of its contents in your application. Please do not send documentation that is irreplaceable or that you wish to have returned, and note that your application form and supporting materials will be deposited in the AICA Archive housed in Tate Archive at Tate Britain, London.

You will also need to solicit a reference from two members of AICA-UK. Your chosen referees should describe your career and set out their reasons for supporting your application, emailing their letters to the Membership Secretary ( Should you not know members of AICA-UK to support your application, the Membership Secretary will be pleased to provide advice.

Your application will be considered at the next meeting of the AICA-UK Executive Committee. If accepted in principle, it will be reviewed and voted on by secret ballot at a subsequent General Meeting, which is held twice a year. You will then be contacted and informed of the decision.

If, as we hope, your application is successful, you will be told then how to pay your annual subscription and thereby obtain your AICA-UK membership card. The membership fee is currently £60 and there is a one-off joining fee of £15. Should your application be refused, you have a right of appeal, initially to the UK Section and ultimately to the Secretary-General of AICA.

Successful applications are automatically forwarded to AICA’s headquarters in Paris so that new members may also be considered for International Membership (no extra charge or new paperwork is involved). These applications for international membership are voted on at the next Annual Congress (usually held in the autumn). International members are entitled to vote and participate in international meetings and elect officers, as well as access AICA’s website and its resources.

For details about how we handle your data as a member, user of this website or attendee of our events, please see our Privacy Policy.

We very much hope that you will be successful in your application and will enjoy being a member of AICA-UK.

Members of AICA-UK at Turner Contemporary, Margate, June 2023