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Dr Jonathan Black

Academic (art historian) and curator

Dr. Black was awarded his PhD in the History of Art in 2004 by London University (UCL) for his thesis exploring Constructions of Masculinity and the Image of the British Soldier, or 'Tommy' in the First World War Art of C.R.W. Nevinson (1889-1946); Eric Henri Kennington (1888-1960) and Charles Sargeant Jagger MC (1885-1934) c. 1915-1925. He has since focused on British art, culture and society in the first half of the twentieth century. Past exhibitions curated include: 'Dora Gordine: Sculptor, Artist, Designer' (2009, Dorich House Museum and Kingston Museum, Kingston upon Thames); 'The Face of Courage: Eric Kennington, Portraiture and the Second World War' (2011-12, Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon); 'The Double Edge: Ivor Roberts-Jones and Portrait Sculpture' (2013-14, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff) and 'C.R.W. Nevinson: A Printmaker in War and Peace' (2014, Osborne Samuel PLC, London).
Exhibitions more recently curated include: 'War in the Sunshine: The British in Italy, 1917-18' (January-March 2017, Estorick Collection, London) and 'Power and Beauty: The Art of Sir Oswald Birley MC' (September-October 2017, Philip Mould & Co, London).
Monographs include: 'The Sculpture of Eric Kennington' (London, 2002); 'Form, Feeling and Calculation: The Complete Paintings and Drawings of Edward Wadsworth' (London, 2006); 'Dora Gordine: Sculptor, Artist, Designer' (London, 2008); 'Abstraction and Reality: The Sculpture of Ivor Roberts-Jones' (London, 2013) and 'C.R.W. Nevinson: The Complete Prints' (London, 2014).
More recent publications include: 'Winston Churchill in British Art, 1900 to the Present Day' (Bloomsbury, 2017) and 'Alfred Munnings: Memory, The War Horse and the Canadians in 1918' (National Army Museum, London, 2018).
In September 2018 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow in History of Art at Kingston University and preparing an exhibition at Burgh House Museum, Hampstead, for spring 2022 about artist siblings Sydney, Hilda and Richard Carline who lived and worked in the vicinity c.1914-1937.



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